When I am asked “is organic fertiliser as good as chemical fertiliser”, I have to ask the question – what are chemical fertilisers good for? Good for the plants, good for the soil, good for the person eating the produce that has been grown with it, good for the wildlife, children and pets that invariably come in to contact with it?? Chemical fertilisers are not ‘good’ for any of the above. The only “good” fertiliser to use IS organic.

A few of the reasons why you should consider using organic fertiliser and ditch the chemical ones are:

• Organic fertilisers have long term benefits for soil health and structure, resulting in stronger and healthier plants – chemical fertilisers don’t provide any long term benefits

• Organic fertilisers add much needed organic matter in to the soil. As this organic matter is broken down by organisms in the soil it releases nutrients to the plants – chemical fertilisers don’t add any organic matter

• Organic fertilisers are sustainable and eco-friendly – chemical fertilisers are not sustainable in any way

• Organic fertilisers give a slow-release, consistent feed to plants – chemical fertilisers don’t, instead they give a quick burst of feed and you can easily over feed the plants

• Organic fertilisers wont scorch your plants – chemical fertilisers can scorch your plants due to high nitrogen and over feeding

• Organic fertilisers are natural so they are safe to be used around wildlife, children and pets – chemical fertilisers are not safe for anything

• Organic fertilisers don’t build up toxic levels of chemicals and salts in your soil – chemical fertilisers do build up in the soil, damaging the delicate eco-system living in it

• Organic fertiliser will save you money in the long term as your soil health improves and you need to add less fertiliser- chemical fertilisers won’t ever achieve this

• Organic fertiliser means you can be confident that you are not consuming harmful chemicals when eating fruit and vegetables you have grown – with chemical fertilisers you dont know what chemicals you are ingesting

Organic fertiliser is always going to be best for the long term health of the soil and the plants grown in it, and for our own health when eating vegetables and fruit that we have grown. It is more effective long term and sustainable for the future.

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