The rain keeps coming and the nights are cold. Don’t rush to plant out young seedlings or Jack Frost might get them!

Jobs to do this month:

Protect plants from the frost

Sow all sorts of seeds in a heated greenhouse or inside on a windowsill: tomatoes, peppers, marrows etc

Start hardening off seedlings that have been grown indoors by placing them outside on warm days

Pot up cuttings of Fuchias and Geraniums in peat free compost

Plant out Gladioli, Dahlias and Lillies mixing some plant feed and soil conditioner in with the soil.

Apply a sprinkle of NG Soil Conditioner to the lawn and apply grass seed to bare patches

Plant fruit trees and bushes

Plant out strawberries and Rhubarb

Mulch and feed beds with our peat free compost to retain moisture and provide slow release nutrients for the summer

Plant out onions and potatoes. Earth up first earlies and plant out second early and maincrop potatoes.

Sow hardy annuals

Mulch around roses with plant feed and soil conditioner to protect their roots and provide nutrients for spring growth

Divide herbaceous herbs

Clean up strawberry beds separating any runner plants from the mother plant.

Apply acidic mulch to blueberries and cranberries (christmas tree trimmings are great for this if you have kept the branches). Mix some of our soil conditioner in to the mulch to provide a Ph neutral feed for the berries.

Prune stone fruit trees