May is a month of planting out, so lets hope the frosts stay away so we can! We need some warm sunshine after what has been a wet and cold spring. Fingers crossed it arrives soon…

Jobs to do this month:

• Plant out tomatoes in unheated greenhouse

• Prick out seedlings as they grow

• Sow vegetable seeds outside

• Sow frost sensitive crops under glass using our organic compost mixed with some soil or soil conditioner.

• Harden off plants outdoors

• Plant out vegetable plants but protect from cold and slugs

• Earth up Early Potatoes

• Harvest rhubarb – yay!

• Mulch strawberries with straw and our soil conditioner to keep off pests or plant strawberries in hanging baskets

• Put up wigwams or cane supports ready for runner and climbing french beans

• Plant herbs in containers

• Continue to sow hardy annuals

• Apply our natural liquid fertiliser to your lawn and all your seedlings

• Plant up hanging baskets, but keep protected until frosts have gone

• Feed flower borders with our soil conditioning mulch and our liquid feed

• Plant out Rhododendrons and Roses

• Protect fruit blossom from late frosts