Month: June 2021

Is Organic Fertiliser as Good as Chemical Fertiliser?

Slow-release organic fertiliser

When I am asked “is organic fertiliser as good as chemical fertiliser”, I have to ask the question – good for who or what? Good for the plants, good for the soil, good for the person eating the produce that has been grown with it, good for the wildlife, children and pets that invariably come…

A raised bed in your garden has its benefits

raised beds

There are a number of benefits to having raised beds for your vegetables, fruits and flowers. They can improve drainage if you have clay soil, and due to the better drainage the soil will warm up quicker in the spring ready for planting out. The soil can be tailored for the plants that you wish…

Great British Growing Awards 2021

Great British Growing Awards 2021

We are delighted that our Natural Liquid Fertiliser has been shortlisted in the “Best Feeds and Growing Materials Category” in the Great British Growing Awards 2021. It is great to see that approved organic fertiliser products are being recognised and appreciated as excellent replacements for chemicals. The long term benefits to your soil and plants…