How to use it

We recommend that you wear gloves when handling these products as they have a strong (but completely natural) aroma. Wash your hands after use.

Liquid Fertiliser

  • Mix 100ml of liquid fertiliser with 5 litres of water in a watering can (without a rose).
  • Apply to the soil around the plants for immediately available nutrients.
  • Apply every week to get great results.
  • Do not store in temperatures above 30 degrees Celsius.

Soil Conditioner

  • Before planting your vegetables or plants, spread a thick layer (1cm deep) over the soil surface and, using a fork, work the ground to a depth of 10-15 cm.
  • Add more if you encounter difficulties in making seed beds, planting, or if the soil dries out in summer.
  • When planting roses, potted plants or trees, mix 1 spadeful of conditioner to 5 spadefuls of soil at the base of the hole and then work in some more of the conditioner and soil mix around the plant.