Natural Compost – for outdoor and indoor plants

  • Ideal for all flower and vegetable beds, containers, pots and hanging baskets.
  • Add to existing soil beds as a mulch or mix in to the top surface.
  • Fill containers and pots for outdoor and indoor plants.
  • Fill reusable growbags for tomatoes, cucumbers and all greenhouse plants.
  • Supplement the nutrients throughout the year with our liquid fertiliser.

Liquid Fertiliser – for outdoor and indoor plants

  • Mix 100ml of liquid fertiliser (2 capfuls) with 4 litres of water in a watering can. We recommend that you don’t use a rose on your watering can (due to the lovely small pieces of organic matter in the liquid that can block up the holes). However, if you want to feed your lawn then please do use a rose, just make sure it has large holes in it.
  • Pour on to the soil/compost around the base of the plants for immediately available nutrients.
  • Houseplants and potted plants can be given a bottom feed by placing the plant pot in a bowl or sink with the diluted liquid. Leave the pot to absorb the liquid.
  • Feed outdoor plants with the liquid every week for great results. Indoor houseplants can be fed every two weeks.
  • When fruits are starting to swell and flower buds are developing you can increase to two feeds a week.
  • Do not store in temperatures above 30 degrees Celsius.

Plant Feed and Soil Conditioner – for outdoor and indoor plants

  • Before planting your vegetables or plants, spread a thick layer (1cm deep) over the soil surface and, using a fork or trowel, carefully work it in to the soil to a depth of about 10cm. Don’t work the soil any deeper as you don’t want to disturb the lovely soil structure below.
  • Add more if you encounter difficulties in making seed beds, if the soil is clay based or full of stones, or if the soil dries out in summer.
  • If you have a large area to cover, you can make the conditioner go further by targeting where you place the conditioner so that it is just on or in the soil where you will be planting.
  • When planting roses, potted plants or trees, mix the plant feed and conditioner with the soil/compost at a ratio of 1:5 and place in the base of the hole and then work in some more of the feed and soil/compost mixture around the plant.
  • The plant feed and conditioner can also be used as a mulch on the surface of the soil in beds and in container grown plants. It will help to retain moisture over the dry summer months and also slowly release the nutrients down to the plants.
  • When used as a mulch, the feed and conditioner will also help to suppress weeds. Perfect for the no dig gardener.

We recommend that you wear gloves when handling these products as they can have a strong (but completely natural) aroma. Wash your hands after use.