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Your Organic PT,

Your Organic PT (AKA Lydia Lakemoore)

Lydia Lakemoore is a qualified personal trainer, student medical herbalist and advocate of organic gardening methods working with The Herbalists, Jackson's of Yorkshire, an 88-year-old herbalist store.
Chris Fan Field Farm Regenerative Agriculture

Chris Huskins Market Garden at Fanfield Farm

From the back garden to a market garden serving a community of 60 families read how Chris Huskins went about setting up Fanfield Farm, a Regenerative Community Farm in Arlington, East Sussex.

Mike The Gardener

On Instagram Mike is famous for his 'Sunday Stroll' LIVE sessions and his LIVE interviews with well know gardening celebrities, authors, designers and more. We thought we'd turn the mic on Mike to find out more about him!
Anna Greenland, Head Gardener at Soho Farmhouse

Anna Greenland veg grower to star chefs and head gardener at Soho Farmhouse.

Meet Anna Greenland, head gardener at Soho Farmhouse, winner of many awards and responsible for growing food for the kitchens of some of the UK's top chefs

Meet Urban Farmer Jack Hodgson

Inspirational Urban Farmer from London, Jack runs a regenerative farm based on the principles of No-Dig and Permaculture.

Ann-Marie Powell the multi-award winning garden designer

You may know Ann-Marie Powell from her TV appearances on shows including The Alan Titchmarsh Show, Garden SOS, Real Gardens and The Great Garden Challenge. Or from her books, articles, blog and more recently her instagram page My Real Garden, where she documents her own garden journey. Ann-Marie is a huge source of inspiration and we loved catching up with her to find out more about how she got into garden design and horticulture.