Finally the warm weather has arrived!!! Greenhouses around the UK will be emptied and window-sills in houses can be cleared of plants as everything can be planted out. Time to harvest rhubarb to make a rhubarb summer pudding!

Gardening jobs to do this month:

• Water onions well to ensure the bulbs swell

• Pinch out tips of broad beans to discourage blackfly

• Feed all plants weekly with our liquid fertiliser and water regularly during dry periods

• Earth up Main Crop potatoes

• Plant cucumbers, melons and peppers

• Control pests with organic / homemade spray

• Harvest Rhubarb- don’t allow flower spikes to form on the rhubarb

• Protect soft fruit with netting

• Start picking: broad beans, salad crops and peas

• Sow brassicas for winter

• Stop harvesting asparagus by the longest day. Fertilise once you have stopped harvesting. Mulching    your asparagus beds ready for the winter with our soil conditioner is also a very good idea.

• Plant summer bedding plants

• Fill window boxes, troughs and hanging baskets. Add some of our plant feed and soil conditioner to      help retain moisture and give the plants a slow release feed throughout the summer

• Water newly planted shrubs and perennials

• Feed lawns with our liquid fertiliser