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Natural Liquid Fertiliser 2L

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2 litre bottle Our unique, concentrated, approved organic liquid plant food. Quickly absorbed as a potent source of nutrients. Grow organic vegetables, fruit and flowers and feed your houseplants organically. Healthier for the soil, for your plants and for you!

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2 litre bottle Our plant-based Natural Liquid Fertiliser is a concentrated organic plant food, and once diluted, can be poured around the base of plants in the garden or in the home, to be quickly absorbed as a potent source of nutrients.

The liquid feed is suitable for all plants, fruit and vegetables, grass and trees. It is also excellent for feeding your indoor houseplants.

The liquid is Ph neutral, so can be diluted with rainwater to make it slightly acidic, making it a great organic feed for acidic loving plants like Blueberries.

Chemical free and safe to be used around children and wildlife. Certified Organic, Certified BioDynamic and Certified Vegan.

NPK: 3.6-1.5-3.7 with essential trace elements that plants need. Made from Maize.

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53 reviews for Natural Liquid Fertiliser 2L

  1. Linda (verified owner)

    Very good stuff ! Made a difference in my garden. I wish it wasn’t a plastic container though

  2. Ann S. (verified owner)

    The plants love this!

  3. Ann S. (verified owner)

    The plants love this (and the blackflies don’t love the plants after they’ve had it)!!

  4. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Works in the garden and on my house plants – I’m happy!

  5. Andrew Scott (verified owner)

    Been using Natural Grower for 2 years now, and had great results. A bottle lasts a surprisingly long time, but is really effective on nearly all my veg plants, in raised beds. I grow all peat free and this year have had better results from using reclaimed peat free soil/compost from graden recycling schemes and Natural Grower fertiliser and soil conditioner than neighbours who are still on peat based compost. Very happy with this product – you even get to quite like the smell after a while……..

  6. Marilyn (verified owner)

    Great fertiliser and delivered on time.

  7. Clare C. (verified owner)

    Smells very ‘natural’ but does the job perfectly and responsibly will definitely buy again.

  8. Christine G. (verified owner)

    This was recommended by a gardener I follow on Instagram and she did say it was a bit stinky so I was ready for that ! I love the fact it’s all natural no bad chemicals and yes my plants all did rather well this year and I’ll be buying a bigger size for next year . If you feed on a Friday like I started to you soon go through quite an amount even in our small garden! Great product! Thanks

  9. Roger Bayston (verified owner)

    This fertiliser is attractive to me as an organic gardener as it is made from maize in an anaerobic digester that also produces electricity. The product itself is easy to use and very effective, supplying essential nutrients to the soil and improving plant growth and fruiting.

  10. Fabio (verified owner)

  11. Katie (verified owner)

    really good product – easy to use and lasts ages. My plants love it and have been growing so much. Will definitely buy again when my bottle runs out.

  12. caroline c. (verified owner)

  13. Lauren Stabler (verified owner)

    Works a charm and easy on the environment. Very pleased customer.

  14. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Happy with this purchase – I will likely repeat the order come spring time. Thank you!

  15. A I. (verified owner)

    Slightly smelly but plants love it.

  16. David J. (verified owner)

  17. Carina Barker (verified owner)

    My plants are loving this and really easy to use and love the cute packaging

  18. andrew rutherford (verified owner)

    Good website, fast delivery, great product!

  19. Lynne (verified owner)

    Product as described and delivered on time

  20. Elizabeth (verified owner)

    I am a return customer to this excellent product, and being able to send in last year’s empties for refill makes me very happy!

  21. John Fabian (verified owner)

    great vale for money

  22. Jackie (verified owner)

    Excellent fertiliser. Regular communication from the supplier, arrived promptly

  23. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Our plants love their food.

  24. Alan McPherson (verified owner)

    Used on soft fruit bushes to good effect. Good green growth and setting fruit.

  25. Valerie (verified owner)

    Great fertiliser and great company. So pleased to be able to get organic vegan gardening products that are excellent quality. Well done Natural Grower!

  26. JoAnne (verified owner)

    Great stuff, my plants like it. Good service

  27. Noelle (verified owner)

    Great organic fertiliser. Don’t mind the ‘natural smell’ at all as it does such great work. The colours of the flowers, and the growth of them after feeding, is a picture to gaze on. So glad I found this product and intend to use it all the time. Good price for the quantity too.

  28. Mandy (verified owner)

    Natural organic fertiliser good price and plants love it

  29. David B. (verified owner)

    Quick delivery. My plants seem to be improving nicely.

  30. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Great quality fertiliser

  31. Sue R. (verified owner)

    Fast postage and very well packed

  32. Linda W. (verified owner)

    My plants loved this and are now all sending up flower buds – just the boost they needed.

  33. Anna (verified owner)

  34. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Great product that keeps my flowers healthy and beautiful. The smell is a little strong, therefore I leave my plant outdoors for a few hours before I place them back indoors.

  35. Paul Bennett (verified owner)

    It arrived on time smells like the real to stuff as to the. Benifets time will tell

  36. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Really fantastic quality, plants are growing great

  37. John H. (verified owner)

    It was bought for a friend so don’t w know how he liked it.

  38. Anonymous (verified owner)

    The product has worked perfectly well for my plants. The instructions are very clear for a first time plant owner. I am very happy with my purchase.

  39. Victoria (verified owner)

    Haven’t used it yet

  40. Chris G. (verified owner)

    Absolutely brilliant smelly gorgeous stuff

  41. Sue Horne (verified owner)

  42. Lynn (verified owner)

    my favourite feed for the garden, results were wonderful

  43. Wendy (verified owner)

    Easy to order and quickly delivered. Great no-mess cap for easy pouring and plants seem to be loving it! Will order again, thank you!

  44. Nicola (verified owner)

    This was recommended by the wonderful Anne Marie Powell, I use it all the time for my veg and annuals and things in pots. It is really good, especially as it is natural and organic.

  45. Fiona Buchanan (verified owner)

    Does the trick but a bit stinky !!

  46. Anonymous (verified owner)

  47. Anne Blake (verified owner)

    The smell of this fertiliser confirms that you are adding goodness to your plants! I have grown to really love using it! 😀

  48. Elaine P. (verified owner)

    A great product!

  49. Raymond (verified owner)

    This is the 2nd time I’ve bought this product very quick delivery & great product

  50. Dionne Sambrook (verified owner)

  51. Michael Hamerton (verified owner)

    Excellent value

  52. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Really benefited the hydrangeas & making them strong & lush & green

  53. Agnieszka (verified owner)

    pretty smelly but works wonders 🙂

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