Love your land and go wild for worms!

Worms are your BFF! They provide more benefits to the soil ecosystem than any other soil-dwelling creature or organism. They have the unique ability to help regulate soil pH levels and create a favourable environment for beneficial soil microorganisms.

Their subterranean feeding activity helps to keep a more stable soil structure. As they move through the earth, they create microscopic passageways which allows for better circulation of air, improves drainage and increases the availability of nutrients around the roots of our plants.

And they are also essential food for toads, birds, beetles, shrews and badgers, so more worms help attract more wildlife to your garden!

NG Top Tip: Creating compost heaps, feeding the soil and reducing hard surfacing like paving all help worms flourish. Add as much organic matter to your soil as you can from a number of sources, like mixing in compost and soil conditioner, collect leaves in the Autumn to add to your compost mix, let plants die down naturally and leave dead leaves on the ground, and watch the worms get to work!

Learn more and #gowildforworms in your garden

Did you know, there are 31 different species of earthworm in the British Isles with differing requirements and providing different benefits? I had no idea there were so many types.

Learn more, join a Sampling Day in your area, or access free online webinars at The Earthworm Society of Great Britain and Northern Ireland.