Here are 8 ways that mulching with our plant feed and soil conditioner offers numerous benefits for your plants, soil and overall garden health:

  1. Soil moisture retention: Top dressing with mulch acts as a protective layer over the soil, reducing evaporation and preventing water loss. This helps to retain moisture in the soil, ensuring that plants have access to a steady water supply even during dry periods.
  2. Weed suppression: Mulch forms a barrier that inhibits the growth of weeds by blocking sunlight from reaching weed seeds. This reduces competition for nutrients and water, making it easier to control weed growth in the garden. Fewer weeds mean less #weedingwednesdays!
  3. Temperature regulation: Mulch acts as an insulating layer that helps moderate soil temperature fluctuations. During hot weather, it keeps the soil cooler, protecting plant roots from heat stress.
  4. Soil erosion prevention: A protective layer of mulch shields the soil from heavy rain or wind during summer storms, preventing soil erosion. It keeps the soil in place and ensures topsoil and nutrients are not washed away.
  5. Improved soil structure: Over time, organic mulches break down and become incorporated into the soil. As they decompose, they contribute organic matter, which improves soil structure, aeration and drainage.
  6. Nutrient enrichment: As organic mulches decompose, they release essential nutrients into the soil, enriching it and promoting plant growth.
  7. Enhanced root growth: Mulch creates an optimum environment for root growth. It encourages roots to spread and grow deeper into the soil, leading to stronger and healthier plants.
  8. It looks nice: Mulching can enhance the appearance of a garden by providing a neat, uniform, and well-maintained look. It gives a polished finish to garden beds and landscapes.

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