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Natural Plant Feed 50L x 4 Bags – Save 15%

(17 customer reviews)


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4 x 50 litre bags – Save 15% Organic slow-release plant food to mix into soil or compost, or use on the surface as a top dressing. Rich in nutrients and trace elements. Perfect for planting fruit and vegetables, all flowers, roses and trees.

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4 x 50 litre bags – Save 15% Organic slow release plant food that can be mixed into soil or compost or used on the surface as a top dressing. Rich in nutrients and trace elements, it’s broken down gradually by organisms in the soil as a long-term, slow release fertiliser. Excellent at retaining water when used as a mulch on the surface or when dug in to the soil or compost, which reduces your watering requirements through the dry summer months. Also helps to suppress weeds when applied as a top dressing. Create your own “super soil”!

Perfect for planting fruit and vegetables, flowers, trees and for hanging baskets and pots. Can also be used for indoor houseplants.

NPK: 4.1-2.2-3

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Weight 40 kg

17 reviews for Natural Plant Feed 50L x 4 Bags – Save 15%

  1. Anonymous (verified owner)

    It was a brilliant service. The products were fantastic and helped us yield a bumper harvest. Really looking forward to ordering more!!

  2. Stephen Cole (verified owner)

    The website is very clear and easy to use. The online offer gave good value, and the order was promptly dispatched and delivered slightly ahead of time. Vey happy with the shopping experience.

  3. Jennifer Cummins (verified owner)

    Very speedy delivery and straightforward ordering

  4. Lynne (verified owner)

    Product as described.Delivered promptly. Excellent service.

  5. Kenn Groves (verified owner)

    Looks like it’s came straight out the horse stables/cow shed …but…. if you mix it with some normal compost it makes a good mix for your plants n veg

  6. Anna S. (verified owner)

    I am very very disappointed with this compost. It was full of insect eggs and fungus spores. As long as I once covered my seedling with plastic cover to keep them warm during cold nights, next days I got massive amount of flies which I can’t get rid off and some toadstools growing constantly. Now I am trying to change step by step all my beds. It is a lot of work and waste of money.

    • Charlotte Beaty (store manager)

      Dear Anna, I am sorry to hear you are unhappy with the soil conditioner. I would just like to confirm that the soil conditioner is not a compost, but a rich feed. It should be mixed in to compost or soil. It is not designed to have seedlings planted in it direct without compost and then covered with plastic. With regards to the flies, they are attracted to nutrient rich organic matter. They will have been attracted to the feed from the surrounding area. Its like having a rotting banana or piece of fruit in the house – the fungus gnats just seem to appear from nowhere! Although you may find the flies unpleasant, they will soon disperse and are actually a positive sign that the feed is full of organic goodness. The natural fungi in the feed is also a sign of a very healthy organic feed. It shows the product has not been sterilised, and having fungi growing in your beds is actually a sign of a very healthy bed! I would mix the soil conditioner in to your soil or compost to “dilute” its richness and then you will find the environment will settle down and you will have productive beds for the summer.

  7. Joanne Bennett (verified owner)

    This has been an absolutely fabulous purchase which has quickly improved my very poor soil structure. I am now harvesting a variety of veg on a daily basis from a small but wonderful cottage garden.

  8. Stephen Cole (verified owner)

    Very happy with my order. There was a special offer on the product, so the price was very good. The order was dispatched the same day, and the courier company DX delivered it the next day, I was so impressed.

  9. Val Jones-Hughes (verified owner)

    Good value, looks good on the borders, looking forward to seeing how it performs

  10. Maureen (verified owner)

    Great product and service. Have used soil improver and liquid fertiliser for a couple of years now and the results are brilliant. An abundant crop from all plants …. envy of other plot owners!!

  11. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Really impressed with this product. I will continue to use it. Very speedy delivery

  12. Francesca Stella (verified owner)

    fantastic product and very quick delivery. Thank you

  13. Judith (verified owner)

    Very happy with this product, ethically caring for and nourishing my garden.

  14. Anonymous (verified owner)

    good texture, which has remained on the soil surface creating a good layer of mulch.

  15. Lesley Reid (verified owner)

    I wish I had found this product years ago. The effect on my heavy clay soil is astonishing.

  16. Jennifer (verified owner)

  17. Maureen B. (verified owner)

    Great service … arrived a couple of days after order as stated. Great product ….all raised beds fed and grateful !!!😀

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