Welcome to the first Natural Grower Newsletter – April 2020

Firstly, Natural Grower would like to wish everyone well during this extremely difficult time as we all face the challenges of lock-down and maintaining health due to the Coronavirus.

Natural Grower launched just over a year ago and our plant-based Natural Fertiliser and Natural Soil Conditioner are packed with approved organic growing power. The concentrated, natural formulations are an effective alternative to chemical fertilisers, and are rich in the nitrogen, potash, phosphate and other trace elements that plants need to thrive. All our products are approved organic, completely natural and vegan friendly. Our award winning range is perfect for plots of all sizes.

As many of you will now be at home for a period of time, it’s a great opportunity to get into your garden to connect with nature as the seasons change and we welcome Spring. Garden centres may currently be closed but many are offering a direct to door delivery service and our products are also available online via our website with a 24 hour delivery service. Use the code GROW15 to get 15% off your order.

To help you in the garden or on the allotment this April, here is some gardening advice kindly brought to you by Ade Sellars from Agents of Field.

This is the month we take our foot off the brake and dive headlong into sowing and planting. However, an overnight frost can undo all our hard work, so proceed with caution. The days may feel balmier but Jack Frost is still waiting in the wings and will take great delight in scuppering your plans.

On The Veg Patch…You can finally think about stepping up your sowing regime. Consider crops such as salads, radishes, beetroot, chard, kohl rabi, carrots and parsnips. If the ground is still too cold, sow into trays or pots, then keep them somewhere warm, with plenty of sunlight, such as a greenhouse or polytunnel.

This is also the month to finish planting the last of your chitted tubers, but it’s a good idea to keep your horticultural fleece handy. If your potato plants have substantial growth, consider earthing them up.

In The Flower Garden…At the first sign of warmth, weeds will make their presence felt. Young plants need all the nutrients they can get, so don’t let them lose out to weeds.

As climbing and rambling roses start to flourish, you may need to tie in the new growth. It’s also time to get those newly bought summer bulbs and corms into the ground, or into pots. If you’re planting in pots, ensure the compost has plenty of grit, so water can drain off easily and not cause the bulbs to rot. It’s also a good idea to place crocks at the base of the pot to improve drainage.

For more tips on gardening in April check out the Gardening Advice section on our website.

NEWS! We are delighted to be sponsoring the third series of The Plant Based Podcast hosted by Ellen Mary Gardening and Mr Plant Geek – Michael Perry.

Both Ellen and Michael have extensive knowledge of gardening and are advocates of organic gardening methods. They use their podcast to inspire and educate, not just on gardening but on plant based living in general.

Tune in for discussions with some very special guests, including wildlife expert Chris Packham, beauty pioneer Liz Earle, and TV gardener Mark Lane.

SHOP! Natural Grower Gardening Aprons and Tea-Towels are now available to pre-order. You can see the flower power print full-length apron in organic cotton in our shop online. There are different sizes and patterns to choose from with prices starting at £10 for a tea-towel and £26 for a half-length apron. Check out our shop online here to get yours.

Our Soil Conditioner is also now available in two new sizes. A 1 litre pouch that’s perfect for pots and baskets priced at £4.99 and a 50 litre bag that’s great for larger plots and gardens at £23.99. Both are full of plant based goodness guaranteed to get your flowers and vegetable patches going again after the long winter.

We are delighted to be finalists in the DIY Week Awards 2020 for the Garden Care Product of the Year, with our Liquid Fertiliser & Soil Conditioner. Sustainable and eco-friendly products that are chemical free are key for gardeners, whether they are looking after flowers and trees or fruit and vegetables.

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