In late January, The National Allotment Society (NAS) announced it was partnering with Natural Grower to enable NAS members the opportunity to try our incredible compost, liquid fertiliser, soil conditioner and plant feed.

We are excited about this latest endorsement. NAS took feedback from impartial sources to ensure the quality of our products and the crops they produce. The response was wholeheartedly positive and backs up the important work we are doing towards sustainability for gardeners and commercial growers.

The NAS works hard to help support allotmenteers to choose growing materials that benefit the environment as well as their crops. Their decision to join forces with us comes at a time where the impact of traditional, peat compost is being recognised by the UK government’s Department for Environment. We’re encouraged that the new rulings as to how peat can be used will take force in 2024.

If you are not already a member, please consider joining NAS.