What fruit and vegetables can I feed with Natural Grower fertiliser?

NG products can be used to feed all fruit and vegetables. The products have balanced, consistent levels of nutrients (NPK) and trace elements, and are Ph neutral. This means they can also be used to feed acidic loving plants.

Can I use the organic fertiliser to feed Blueberries?

Blueberries like acidic conditions. The NG fertiliser is Ph neutral, so wont adversely affect the acidity of the compost or soil the blueberries are growing in. So, yes our products can be used to feed Blueberries. In fact, if you dilute the concentrated liquid with rainwater, you will make the feed slightly acidic, which will top up the acidic levels in the soil or compost.

Can I feed my strawberries with the fertiliser?

Yes, all soft fruits can be fed with NG products: strawberries, raspberries, black and red currants, gooseberries, plums, cherries, apples, figs, grapes…… the list is endless!

Can I feed my tomatoes with the fertiliser?

Yes, tomatoes grow incredibly well with the fertiliser. Independent trails have been carried out by Instagram gardeners and the NG products have proved to be as effective if not better than chemical fertilisers like Tomorite. Keep what you eat organic!

Can your organic fertiliser be used in a hydroponic growing system?

Yes the liquid fertiliser can be used in hydroponic growing systems. The only time it may not work would be if you have fine filters in the system, as the small particles of organic matter that are in the liquid would soon block the filter.