Can children and pets go on the lawn after it has been treated with Natural Grower fertiliser?

Yes they can, although we would recommend keeping them off it for 24 hours to allow the liquid to soak in or the conditioner to work its way down to the grass roots. If they do go on it however, there is nothing to worry about as the product doesn’t contain any chemicals.

Can I apply Natural Grower Soil Conditioner at the same time as new grass seed?

Yes you can and we would recommend doing this to provide the grass seeds with protection from cold weather, to help retain moisture and to provide nutrients to the grass as it starts growing. Sprinkle the soil conditioner over the grass seeds as a thin layer.

Is it a good idea to mix soil conditioner in to the soil before laying turf?

Yes it is, as it will provide a slow-release feed to the turf, to help the roots develop and establish quicker. It will also help to retain the moisture around the roots which is important with new turf to stop the roots from drying out.

Can I use your liquid fertiliser on newly laid turf?

Yes you can. The liquid is well balanced and with give your new turf all the nutrients it needs to recover from being transplanted to the new site and start sending down roots in to the soil.

Can I apply your liquid fertiliser to grass with a sprayer?

Yes you can, but if it has a fine filter you may find that the small particles of organic matter that are in the liquid will eventually block the filter. You will either need a sprayer without a fine filter or use a watering can with a coarse rose on it.

When should I fertilise my lawn?

Our organic liquid feed can be used to fertilise your lawn throughout the year. Your grass will be dormant between December and February, so there is no need to feed during this period. You should feed monthly from March onwards so there is a good supply of nutrients for the grass as it starts its main period of growth in April. Continue to feed monthly throughout the summer so the grass is strong and healthy with a good root structure to be able to cope with the hot weather and droughts. Continue to feed until the end of November so the lawn has all the nutrients it needs to get it through the cold winter days and frosty nights.