Are your organic fertiliser products safe to use around children and pets?

Yes they are safe. They are free from chemicals. Dogs may be attracted to the smell of the soil conditioner and show an interest in eating it. If they do, mix it in to the top part of your soil rather than using it as a mulch. If using it as a mulch you can sprinkle on some garlic to discourage them from eating it. Should they eat the mulch, then it will be no different to them eating something like horse manure, and may just cause a bit of wind or if they eat a lot of it give them an upset tummy.

I have a lot of wildlife in my garden, are your products safe for them?

Yes our products are safe for all wildlife. Free from chemicals and completely natural, our products work with the natural eco-system and do not pose any risk to wildlife.

Are your fertiliser products safe for worms?

Yes our products are 100% safe for worms. Worms are an incredibly important part of the soil eco-system, and our soil conditioner and liquid feed play a very important role in improving soil health and increasing the worm population.