Can I use Natural Grower to feed my roses?

Yes, roses grow incredibly well with the liquid and mulch feed. You can add some of the mulch feed when planting the roses and then feed with the concentrated liquid diluted in a watering can through the summer to encourage repeat flowering.

Can I use the fertiliser for mixed flower beds?

All flowering plants, whether annual or perennial love Natural Grower fertiliser. Organic fertiliser provides all the natural nutrients and trace elements that all flowering plants need, so your plants will thrive on it.

Can I apply the liquid fertiliser as a foliage feed?

Yes you can, but if it has a fine filter you may find that the small particles of organic matter that are in the liquid will eventually block the filter. You will either need a sprayer without a fine filter or use a watering can with a coarse rose on it.

Will the liquid fertiliser burn the leaves of my plants?

No, the organic fertiliser does not burn leaves like chemical fertilisers can. Our fertiliser is a natural product and doesn’t harm your plants in any way. Chemical fertilisers are generally very high in nitrogen and over application or contact with the leaves can cause the leaves to turn yellow or brown and wither away (chemical leaf scorch).