Can I use your fertiliser to feed my Acer tree?

Yes you can use the organic fertiliser in liquid or mulch form to feed your Acer tree. Ideally mix some of the soil conditioner into the soil when planting and then apply the mulch around the tree each spring. This will give your Acer a slow-release feed all year.

I am planting a new hedge, can I use your soil conditioner with hedging whips or will it be too strong?

You can use our soil conditioner when planting hedging whips and all bare rooted trees or hedging. Mix some in to the soil and place at the bottom of the hole and then continue to add a mixture of the conditioner and soil around the root ball. Apply a mulch of the conditioner on the surface of the soil around the hedge. With a balanced NPK it will get your new hedges off to a great start improving plant health, quality and strength.