I am creating a no-dig bed, which product should I use?

If you are creating a bed on established lawn or topsoil, we would recommend you put a 50/50 mixture of our soil conditioner and compost on top of cardboard.

If you are creating a raised bed, we would recommend you fill it with a 50/50 mixture of good quality top soil and our soil conditioner.

If you are using containers, we would recommend a 50/50 mixture of our compost and soil conditioner.

Using our soil conditioner for all the bed types above will provide the slow release nutrients your plants will need through the growing season, and also help to retain the moisture.

What is the pH level of your liquid feed?

The pH level of all our products: compost, plant feed and soil conditioner and the liquid feed is pH neutral.

You can make the liquid feed slightly acidic by mixing it in to rainwater, for your acidic loving plants.

What is the NPK value of your products?

Our liquid fertiliser has an NPK of: 3.6 – 1.5 – 3.7

Our plant feed and soil conditioner has an NPK of: 4.1 – 2.2 – 3

Composts are not required to declare an NPK value as they are not a feed. This is also due to most composts being made from varying ingredients and their nutritional value changing. Our compost is made from fully traceable, consistent ingredients, and contains our plant feed and soil conditioner. As it is a consistent product and we test each batch, we can  confirm it has a well balanced NPK.