Time to keep warm indoors and start making plans for next years vegetable crops and flowering bed designs. Dont forget to prune all the fruit and berry trees and bushes.

Jobs to do this month:

• Harvest winter vegetables

• Cover rhubarb with forcing pots or a thick layer of our plant feed and soil conditioner to protect the rhubarb plants through the cold weather

• Prune the blueberries and take hard cuttings of blackcurrants, redcurrants and gooseberries

• Prune apple and pear trees, but don’t leave it too late as they start to grow early in the spring!

• Plant out trees and shrubs adding some of our soil conditioner to the hole to give your plants a boost for the new year!

• Make sure all your bulbs are planted in beds, under trees and in containers, ready for some spring colour! Use our peat free compost to plant them in containers and cover the top of the container with some wire mesh to keep the squirrels and mice out!

• Finally, make sure you take time to enjoy Christmas!!