We are delighted to have BioDynamic Approval for our compost. This means that ALL our products are certified Organic, BioDynamic and Vegan.

BioDynamic Gardening recognises that soil health and plant growth are ecologically interrelated. BioDynamic and regenerative gardening means caring for and nurturing the soil to improve its structure and health and supporting the micro and macro organisms in the soil.

The BioDynamic Association summarises the benefits of having healthy soil “In such a soil environment, roots can maximise their potential to seek nutrients and water. In turn, a healthy plant life will fully use the power of the sun, through photosynthesis, to draw down energy, convert it to sugars, feed the microbial life in the soil; which will then support healthy plants, animals, and also healthy people”.

If we all start to look after our soil, we can begin to reverse the damage that has been done and restore the soil to its full potential.