The growth in Vegan Gardening

Gardening is being rejuvenated by a new generation of young growers. Keen to experiment and to grow organically making as little impact on their environment as possible by going vegan. Vegan gardening A growing number of vegans (one in eight Britons according to the Guardian) who are also growing their own vegetables are developing a…

Garden Centres Stocking Natural Grower Products

We are delighted that Ayletts Nurseries in St Albans, Fosseway Garden Centre in Moreton in Marsh, Hilltop Garden Centre in Ramsden, Shipley Garden Centre in Heanor and Little Heath Garden Centre in Bromsgrove are now stocking Natural Grower products. We look forward to working with more garden centres around the country to provide our approved…

Top Tips from the Wild Life Trust on how to go chemical free in your garden

“Our top tip for going chemical free is to ensure your garden has as much variety as possible to ensure no one species will be able to gain control. The more complex and varied your garden is, the more resilient it becomes. In the end you’ll wonder why you ever needed chemicals in the first…

Garden Trends Report 2019

Wyevale Garden Centres captures some in-depth insights with input from senior buyers and survey data from 27,000 British Gardeners. This uncovered some important gardening trends that are shaping the way we garden in 2019. It is clear that social media has played a part in the development of some of these trends and a growing…

Vegan Society Approval!!

We are delighted to have received approval from the Vegan Society for our products! “Approved” products that vegans can use in their gardens are limited. So we are very pleased to be able to provide a solution at last.

Soil Association Approval

We are delighted to announce that Natural Grower’s products have been approved by the Soil Association. The Soil Association is the UK’s largest organic certification body. It campaigns for healthy, humane and sustainable food, farming and land use.  

Organic Approval from OF&G

Natural Grower Ltd have received approval from OF&G for their Organic Fertiliser and Soil Conditioner to be used in organic systems. “We are delighted that our products have been recognised as an organic input for gardeners to use for their plants and vegetables.” said Director Charlotte Beaty.

Vegan and vegetarian gardeners are choosing plant-based fertilisers for their allotments

They are achieving great results when growing their own vegetables. While also at the same time as avoiding fish, blood and bone fertilisers. The Royal Horticultural Society has said that there is a rising demand for green composts and plant-based fertilisers. Natural Growers Organic Fertiliser and Soil Conditioner are here to meet that demand!