Natural Grower organic fertiliser products are approved Organic, Vegan and BioDynamic. Approved by the Soil Association, Vegan Society and BioDynamic Association, each organisation has different values and principles which provide the consumers with a logo and certification that they can trust.

The Soil Association is a charity that digs deeper to transform the way we eat, farm and care for our natural world. They want to us all to live in a world which is in balance with nature and have a future with good health and a safe climate. In order to achieve that, it is their mission to help everyone understand and explore the vital relationship between the health of soil, plants, animals and people. Campaigning, educating and helping everyone to grow better together.

They were one of the founders of the global organic movement and developed some of the world’s first organic standards. Today, they continue to develop high standards for food, farming, health and beauty and textiles and work across Europe to influence legislation. Soil Association Certification certifies over 70% of organic food in the UK, and their organic label is the best way of assuring that the food you eat and the products you buy have been produced to a standard you can trust.

The Vegan Society “Vegan Trademark” logo has been helping users identify that a product is free from animal ingredients since 1990. The statistics shown on the their website, highlight how the number of vegans worldwide are increasing, with those in Great Britain quadrupling between 2014 and 2019. According to an Attest consumer survey, over 90% of vegans and vegetarians look for vegan verification, and 85% believe third-party certification is important. With many companies saying their products are “Vegan Friendly” or “Vegan” but not having any credentials to back this up, you can understand why certification is so important for people to really know what they are buying.

The Biodynamic Association take a holistic, ecological, and ethical approach to farming, gardening, food, and nutrition. The principles and practices of biodynamics can be applied anywhere food is grown. Biodynamic gardens are inspired by the biodiversity of natural ecosystems and the uniqueness of each landscape. Biodynamics focuses on creating the conditions for optimal soil, plant, and animal health, providing balanced nutrition and supporting healthy immunity. When farms and gardens incorporate a robust diversity of plants and animals and create habitat for natural predators, pests and diseases have few places to thrive.

With organisations like this providing accreditations that people can trust, we can all help to look after our environment and the future of our planet.