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Natural Liquid Fertiliser 10L

(53 customer reviews)


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10 Litre Jerry Can
A large 10 Litre version of our approved organic concentrated approved organic Liquid Fertiliser. Grow organic vegetables, fruit and flowers and feed your houseplants organically. Healthier for the soil, for your plants and for you!

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10 Litre Jerry Can

Our plant-based approved Organic Liquid Fertiliser, made from maize, is a concentrated plant food. Once diluted, it can be poured around the base of plants or pots in the garden or in the home, to be quickly absorbed as a potent source of food.

The liquid feed is suitable for all plants, fruit and vegetables, grass and trees. It is also excellent for feeding your indoor houseplants. The liquid is Ph neutral, so can be diluted with rainwater to make it slightly acidic, making it a great organic feed for acidic loving plants like Blueberries.

Chemical free and safe to be used around children and wildlife. Certified Organic, BioDynamic and Vegan.

NPK: 3.6-1.5-3.7 with essential trace elements that plants need.

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Weight 10 kg

53 reviews for Natural Liquid Fertiliser 10L

  1. Richard Morris (verified owner)

    Bought large drum .difficult to pour. Product effective with annual .easy todemonstrate improvement

  2. Susan (verified owner)

    Difficult to judge just how effective the product was but seemed to do the job. Good service from Natural Grower .

  3. Clare G. (verified owner)

  4. Y (verified owner)

    Great product and customer service

  5. Danielle Britton (verified owner)

    This fertiliser is excellent and works really well with my exotic garden. It’s a great all round product and the plants love it. I’ve been enjoying some huge foliage this summer. Thank you Natural Grower!

  6. Tom P. (verified owner)

    The best liquid fertiliser – just brilliant.

  7. Chris S. (verified owner)

    Great product. Been using it all summer, and it has definitely given an extra spark to my veggies !

  8. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Very good, indeed.

  9. Gordon Barker (verified owner)

    Great plant food and it’s vegan brilliant

  10. Elizabeth Maclay (verified owner)

    We found this product excellent in every way. Thank you!

  11. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Super food! Haven’t met a plant that didn’t thrive on this.

  12. Michael Hamerton (verified owner)

    very prompt delivery. have found this liquid fertiliser to be extremely good and being able ti buy in quantity serves both my garden and allotment.

  13. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Really pleased with the results on container flowers and the veg patch, especially the blueberry bushes which performed much better.

  14. Michael Hamerton (verified owner)

    Great product and delivery was absolutely amazingly fast. My second year using Natural Organic Fertiliser. I now don’t buy other products , thanks

  15. Susan H. (verified owner)

    I love this natural fertilliser especially as it’s organic. I tried it last year and my plants in pots thrived on their weekly/fortnightly doses. I would highly recommend this product.

  16. Anonymous (verified owner)


  17. Anonymous (verified owner)

    A fantastic fertiliser – this will be our third year using it. As vegans, we have opted to move towards veganic gardening. It’s so great to know that natural grower can support us in this journey! Thank you Natural Grower! 🙂

  18. Debbie F. (verified owner)

    Excellent service, quick delivery, great product.

  19. Yvonne L. (verified owner)

    It’s a little early to make a fair review on the product yet as I have only just started to use it, but it certainly looks good and smells like it will do a good job!! The service however was super quick so top marks for this. Hopefully I can come back and give a more informed review once I have started to see results.

  20. Lisa (verified owner)

    Easy ordering, prompt delivery and good communication. I’m new to growing but I can tell my plants perk up when they have had a feed. Will buy again, if I run out.

  21. Kenn Groves (verified owner)

    Pheeeeew don’t it half stink wow!!! but it will make all green foliege grow

  22. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Super product that I use regularly on “feeding Friday “.

  23. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Amazing product and good price!

  24. Sally B. (verified owner)

    Great product

  25. Anonymous (verified owner)


  26. Ailsa (verified owner)

    Great stuff!

  27. Christine (verified owner)

    Great stuff great delivery 🚚

  28. Jenny (verified owner)

    Definitely makes a difference to the performance of the garden and feels good to be using something natural which benefits the soil, plants and insects. Smells like it’s doing good too! Bit like ripe blue cheese!

  29. Lee Taylor (verified owner)

    It works very well as a fertilizer, closed loop process, what’s not to like?

  30. Jennifer (verified owner)

  31. Gordon Barker (verified owner)

    You products are great good plant feed and also vegan so no cruelty to animals and no animal ingredients

  32. Sally Bloxham (verified owner)

    Great product! Has revived many a drooping plant. Use it weekly on my veg patch.

  33. Jill (verified owner)

    Brilliant feed. Has definitely made a difference- lots more flowers!

  34. Anonymous (verified owner)

  35. Val Jones-Hughes (verified owner)

    I used this last year too and was very pleased with how it helped with both the flowering plants and the edibles.

  36. Mike Geddes (verified owner)

  37. michael hamerton (verified owner)

    I have been using Natural Grower for several years on my allotment. I am very pleased with the product. Easy to use and mix . My allotment vegetable growing has produced good results with this product. One product fits all my fertiliser needs during the summer. Highly recommended.

  38. Tracy F. (verified owner)

    I purchased this feed because it came with a good recommendation. So far my potted plants are looking healthy so I’m going to monitor them & give the product time to work its magic. It’s ready made so easy to use & judging by it’s aroma it’s full of good stuff.

  39. Margaret Mitchell (verified owner)

    Reassuringly smelly😄

  40. Susan (verified owner)

    Good product, excellent service

  41. Margaret (verified owner)

    Excellent product & service

  42. Dariusz (verified owner)

    Good product and quick delivery

  43. Claire (verified owner)

    Excellent, plants and especially Roses love it. I found out about it through My Real Garden on Instagram and her Friday Feeding. All my plants, pot plants in particular have enjoyed this as a regular feed.

  44. David (verified owner)

    My order arrived quickly . I am very happy with the product.

  45. Sheila Coolbear (verified owner)

    As always your service was excellent. I love the product and so do my plants.

  46. Judith (verified owner)

    Very happy with the liquid fertiliser and bought the large size to keep stocked up!

  47. Mary Casey (verified owner)

    My plants love it.

  48. Phil T. (verified owner)

    This liquid fertilizer has transformed our garden. This is the second year that I have used it, and our garden has never looked as good. Both flowers and fruit trees have increased since we started using it.
    If you are looking to get the best out of your garden, I can honestly recommend this product.

  49. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Our plants love this and we feed every Friday (feast Friday). Easy and fantastic results 👍

  50. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Great stuff. Things that were not flowering now are. Smells gross but does the job!

  51. Prisca Hukuimwe (verified owner)

  52. Dariusz (verified owner)

    Good quality product help growing all plants in good condition

  53. Michael Hamerton (verified owner)

    I have been using Natural Grower liquid feed for some time and have always been pleased with results . I have a large allotment and find liquid fertiliser much easier to manage in a dry summer.

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