Blooming Walls® create products for small container gardening, so that everyone can grow plants, including those who have limited space.

Blooming Walls products are perfect for small container gardening, as well as being an outdoor and interior accessory that compliments and enhances any living or working area. The products allow you to enjoy real plants the unconventional way, even in a small space.

The Green Pockets Amma

The Green Pockets Amma are innovative hanging plant containers, which are created to bring green joy to your life. They are made of acrylic fabric which is OEKO TEX certified. OEKO-TEX® enables consumers and companies to protect our planet by making responsible decisions. Suitable for indoor as well as outdoor use, with a UV resistant layer to protect from colour fading, humidity, water and dirt. Any redundant wall can be transformed in to a bright, inspiring space for everyone to enjoy. They can be used to freshen up your house, office, balcony, patio, or pergola. Why not use them in your garden to store tools, gloves and seeds, or in your house to hold magazines or children’s toys… use your imagination and enjoy the fun colours!

The Green Pot stands

The Green Pot stands, hangs, grows and works! It’s simple but it’s perfect. Like The Green Pockets it is made of acrylic fabric which is OEKO TEX certified. The choice of colours allows you to freshen any table or desk. Brighten your garden by hanging them on garden walls or sheds, or use them as an interior design accessory by hanging some between framed photos or pictures. You can use The Green Pot outdoors or indoors. It won’t fade or go mouldy. It’s not only a flower pot, it’s The Green Pot.

The Green Bag

The Green Bag is reusable, very easy to clean and will bring a fun splash of colour to your garden. If you are limited with growing space, the Green Bag will help you make it an area you can enjoy where plants will thrive. Whether you are growing fresh herbs, healthy vegetables, flowers or sweet scented fruits, the Green Bag will add another dimension to your garden or patio. It is made of high-strength polyester with a PVC layer on both sides and it’s suitable for outdoor use. Stop using plastic grow bags and boring old brown pots – invest in a fun Green Bag for life and join the world of small container gardening!