Lisa grew up around gardening and learnt about growing food from her dad who learnt from his dad.  Her online diary is inspiring and educational and full of hints, tips advice. If you’re new to allotment gardening – Lisa Allison’s Instagram fee @allotment_life_uk is a must follow.
Is gardening a profession or a hobby?
Gardening is a hobby, I’m a trained counsellor and psychotherapist.

When did you start gardening and was gardening a thing in your household when you were growing up?

I first got into gardening from the age of five watching dad in the greenhouse and garden. My father had a greenhouse and grew produce from home. I guess he learned how to grow veggies from his father on the allotment.
Who else gets involved with your plot? Is it a family affair?
Just me in our household.
Where do you get inspiration and gardening advice from?
I get inspiration from other gardeners on Instagram.  I also like to read gardening books. One thing with gardening you’ll never stop learning.
What do you like to grow?
I love my salads and tomatoes; cucumber, lettuce, radishes, spring onions and peppers are always at the top of my growing list. I always grow kohlrabi which not only looks great, it also tastes lovely. A variety of cabbages, onions, garlic, sweetcorn, aubergines, carrots, sprouts, cauliflower, plus a variety of flowers, some flowers I grow for companion planting like marigolds and nasturtiums.
How does gardening have an effect on your lifestyle?
I’ve found gardening helps with depression and anxiety, something I’ve suffered with for many years.  It also helps to keep me fit.
What do you find most challenging in your garden?
Pricking out seedlings 🤣  I like to give every seedling a chance to grow.  It may seem silly but to kill it just doesn’t seem right.
What has been your greatest success?
In growing terms, my tomatoes and sweetcorn.
Any big growing challenges you plan to take on in the future?
To grow Carolina reaper. I grew some but they never produced fruit, so would like to give them another go.
Three top tips you would give someone starting out?
1. Grow what you enjoy eating.
2. Keep it simple, don’t set yourself up to fail.
3.  Don’t be afraid to ask for advice. We’re always here on Instagram to help anyone struggling.
Three people, you’d recommend following on Instagram?
1. Charles Dowding @charles_dowding
2. Sarah Rani @in_my_patch_
3. Rob Smith @robsallotment
I could go on, so many amazing accounts on Instagram