Our family has been farming at Nevill Holt for over 50 years – originally operating as a dairy unit before diversifying into arable crops. We invested in a renewable energy plant – an anaerobic digester that is fed with maize grown on the farm. We discovered that one of the process’s by-products was a nutrient-rich organic fertiliser that could be used to fertilise our arable crops.

This opened our minds to the possibilities and benefits of replacing chemical fertilisers on our land and we soon saw outstanding results in our farm crops, garden vegetables and plants and indoor plants. Naturally, we wanted to share this success with other keen gardeners looking for an effective, organic solution.

Our liquid fertiliser and plant feed and soil conditioner are both suitable for outdoor and indoor plants. Approved by the Soil Association, Organic Farmers and Growers and the Vegan Society you can be assured that our products are accredited organic and free from any animal matter.

Enjoy feeding your plants!