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Natural Soil Conditioner & 2 Litre Bottle – save 20%

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50 Litre Bag & 2 Litre Bottle The perfect combination for feeding fruit and vegetables, flowers, trees, hanging baskets and grass.

Our Natural Soil Conditioner is a mulch that is dug into the soil before planting, or used on the surface of the soil as a top dressing. Rich in nitrogen, phosphorous, potassium and other trace elements, it’s broken down gradually by organisms in the soil as a long-term, slow release fertiliser. Excellent at retaining water when used as a mulch on the surface or when dug in to the soil, which reduces your watering requirements through the dry summer months. Also helps to suppress weeds. NPK: 4.1-2.2-3

Our plant-based Natural Liquid Fertiliser is a concentrated plant feed, and once diluted, can be poured around the base of plants in beds or pots in the garden, or on your lawn to feed your grass, to be quickly absorbed as a potent source of feed. Chemical free and safe around children and wildlife. NPK: 3.6-1.5-3.7


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