Night time frosts will start to arrive, so its time to protect your plants!

Jobs to do this month:

• Protect tender plants from frost and strong winds with fleece

• Insulate the greenhouse with bubble wrap if you are not able to keep it warm with a heater

• Keep feeding with our liquid fertiliser any winter crops you are growing

• Continue to clear leaves, watching out for hibernating animals

• Plant winter hardy broad beans from seed 5 cm deep in rows leaving 40cm apart each way

• Sow onion seeds and sweet peas in the greenhouse

• Sow garlic

• Complete winter fruit tree pruning

• Cover rhubarb with our soil conditioner to protect and keep warm over the winter months

• Stake tall brassicas

• Firm soil and put a mulch of our soil conditioner around Lavatera to stop frost getting to the roots

• Protect Hellebores from slugs with garlic granules

• Protect crocus bulbs from mice by putting nets over them

• Apply some of our liquid fertiliser to your lawn for better growth next spring