Can I use your organic fertiliser to feed my ericaceous plants?

Yes you can use our fertiliser products for ericaceous loving plants. The liquid feed and soil conditioner are both Ph neutral, so will not negatively affect the acidic levels in your container grown plants or soil.

Are the dilution rates the same for the liquid fertiliser when feeding ericaceous plants?

Yes, the dilution rate for the liquid fertiliser is the same, regardless of what plant you are feeding. We recommend diluting the concentrated feed with rainwater when possible, as this will make the feed slightly acidic to help top up the acidic levels in the compost or soil.

Can I use your organic fertiliser to feed my hydrangea, rhododendrons and azelas?

Yes you can use our liquid fertiliser and our soil conditioner to feed your hydrangea, rhododendrons and azelas. You can apply a mulch of the soil conditioner around the base of the plants for a slow release feed and give a regular top up feed with the liquid fertiliser. If you have a water butt, diluting the liquid feed with rainwater will make the liquid feed slightly acidic. If you don’t have access to a supply of rainwater then tap water will be fine as the fertiliser is Ph neutral.