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Crammed with certified
organic growing power

Are you looking for great results with all your fruit and vegetables, blooming flower beds and luscious green lawns? Do your houseplants need a natural boost? Our concentrated, plant-based natural formulations are an effective alternative to chemical fertilisers, and are rich in the nitrogen, phosphorous, potassium and other trace elements that plants need to thrive. All our products are certified organic, completely natural and certified vegan. 

Be a smarter gardener

A more affordable alternative to chemical fertilisers, Natural Grower products eliminate waste because the nutrients are slowly released to the plants as they need them. Over the long-term you save money because your soil health naturally improves. Chemicals don’t provide any long-term benefits.

Slow release for sustained growth

Organic fertilisers are broken down slowly by organisms in the soil to produce a more measured, consistent, natural release of nutrients. This results in uniform growth with strong stems and leaves, unlike chemical fertilisers which provide a sudden boost resulting in tall lanky plants.

Love your

The organic matter in Natural Grower will help keep your soil in optimum condition, retain moisture over the dry summer months and improve the health and structure of your soil. Plus, it’s 100% earthworm-friendly and worms are fantastic for your soil!

Embrace sustainability

Natural Grower’s chemical free fertiliser products are certified organic, vegan and biodynamic. Plant-based and free from chemicals they are safe to use around wildlife, pets and children. Eco-friendly and sustainably produced in the UK.


What our clients say

  • I would always recommend choosing organic because you're going to eat it, so you don't want to feed your cucumbers something that’s full of chemicals and then eat it yourself.

    Lucy Hutchings, @shegrowsveg
    Garden writer and author of "Get up and Grow"
  • Finally, I've found a feed that I can feel good about....'certified organic' and 'earthworm friendly' is music to my ears. Just one sniff and I knew my soil would love it! I use the liquid fertiliser now and again when watering and my plants have thrived, especially my herbs grown in pots at home.

    Jenny Thompson, @organic_allotment-girl
  • This feed has been brilliant for replenishing my tired looking pots. Planters of perennials that have been planted up for several seasons look vibrant and happy! And hungry edibles in pots have benefitted too. A great discovery, thank you.

    Anna Greenland, Organic Grower for Michelin Chefs
  • Aylett Nurseries is proud to be part of the growing organic and vegan movement, so we are delighted to be stocking Natural Grower's liquid fertiliser and soil conditioner. The products performed brilliantly during our trials and we have had an enthusiastic response from our customers. I look forward to continuing to stock and support Natural Grower in the future.

    Adam Wigglesworth, Aylett Nurseries Ltd
  • I'm a new user of Natural Grower products. I planted some tomatoes that were being discarded as dead on 27 June 2020 and they were literally a good inch and a half high. I applied your soil conditioner and fertilizer on 17th July and didn't see them for three days. I stood and stared at them for five minutes with my mouth opened. The difference in three days was astounding and they have flowers forming. I could not believe it. You have a customer for life.

    Celeste Harris
  • It sells really well, we’re so pleased.
    Definitely want to keep stocking your fertiliser as it seems to generate quite a bit of repeat purchase.
    Thanks again for bringing your products to our attention!

    Ann Rees
    Buyer for Abel & Cole
  • I used Natural Grower organic liquid fertiliser in my greenhouse to feed my fruit and vegetables last year. I had a bumper crop of tomatoes, a never ending supply of cucumbers and success with my melons at last! A fantastic product and organic! Marvellous!

    Sally Jackson, Leicestershire